1. You cannot see beside the car. Shoulder check or blind spot check. Every time you move laterally a meter or more, use your eyes by turning your head 90% in the direction you are moving sweeping through all the side windows, BEFORE YOU MOVE, to ensure there is nothing in your blind area on that side. 100% of the time because if you miss even one check, it could result in a collision.

2. Scan intersections and crosswalks – conflict points designed by the road system to allow for other objects to CROSS your path! Again move your eyes ( and head ) LCR Left Centre and Right BEFORE you cross these intersection points to ensure everyone including you is safe to cross. Think here and be wise. You cannot miss even one of these or you open yourself up for disaster!

3. Mirrors. Moving your big 2000 kg car left, or right over to the curb or slowing down or coming up to a place where you may be required to slow down or brake, such as a crosswalk or intersection, you must check BEHIND you – mirrors – to ensure your communication to the cars behind you is working! Do you need to slow earlier to wake people up back there? Do you need to communicate to them with more information such as brakes, flashing brakes, signal lights, hazard lights, reverse lights, or slow your vehicle down, or angle and reposition your car – all are communications to the cars to the rear! Or do you simply IGNORE THEM ALL?

4. 360 degrees around all sides before you go into reverse to make sure it’s safe to move. And continue to monitor the entire 360 zones in case objects approach or change their movements. You are moving the 2000 kg machine – wake up here!

5. Eyes out the back window when backing. Eyes out the front window when driving forward. Many see this as silly to say but how many times have you reversed and NOT looked out the back. Watch drivers backing up next time. It’s scary how many DONT look out the back. Or how many times have you watched a driver on a right turn at a stop sign STARE at the crossing green traffic, as they slowly roll the car forward across the crosswalk WITHOUT LOOKING FORWARD WHERE THE CAR IS ROLLING? Eyes in the direction of the travel always!!!

6. Backing with eyes out the back. Sure you can check around. Pause and with quick glances to ensure your positioning is correct and your 360 zone remains safe, then put your eyes back in the direction of the vehicle out the back!

7. Hazards. You must see them and respond by tooting horns to get their attention or warn them of your approach. Watch city buses toot at pedestrians not paying attention. It is so common that you may not notice how easily the bus drivers make walkers safe as they approach with their HUGE buses! Cover your brake, slow your car, signal and blind spot to move away if you must. Hazards must be protected and responded to. If you don’t do this, then maybe YOU are the hazard! Truth is, anything can be a hazard when you are moving your 2000 kg!

This information is provided to every driver following a driving test pass or fail. Everyone walks away with these five keys in print, provided by your ICBC examiner.


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