Recently a client, let’s name Sue, in their late 30’s started driving with me. After two sessions, the nervousness began to leave, as a bit of laughter and fun arrived. This gentle shift from fear to joy is a fantastic moment in learning.

Then, we turned a corner on a quiet autumn tree-filled road and ended up squarely in the head-on lane sailing down the wrong side of the road.

Since there were no other objects around, indicating that we were safe, I quietly said, “Ireland. Ireland. But we are in Canada.”

“Oh shit,” gasped the driver as they swiftly steered us back to the Canadian right side of the road.

But that’s not the best part of this story. Sue grew up in Ireland and only moved to Canada 3 years ago. Sue never drove in her entire life before we started our lessons.

Why would Sue drive on the left side of the road, the Ireland side, when she has never driven in Ireland?

Something to think about, aye!

After some discussion, we both concluded that Sue’s childhood, observing traffic for several decades, had taught her brain that SAFE was on the LEFT SIDE of the road.

As the fear left, the safety brain raced in – GET TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD!

Welcome to our AMAZING brains!


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