LCR SCAN Left Centre Right

Before driving through an intersection on a road test, you must check LCR.



While driving down a residential street, a car pulls out of their driveway, and you collide. Not that many drivers pull out of driveways, and when they do, they are not going 60kph. Typically it’s a low-speed collision. And typically, one car pulls out at one time—low money.

But just a little further down the residential street is an intersection, one of many. A road design where vehicles are travelling at 50 60 80 kph driving straight at you at 90 degrees to your immediate left, head on cars turning across your path from your centre, or you turning across their paths, and more 50 60 80 kph cars crossing from your right at 90 degrees. Multiple vehicles, much higher speeds, not one car from a driveway—big money.

Try LCR scans every day, for a week, months, years and make it a habit!


You will start seeing drivers making mistakes, far away from you. You begin to see collisions and close calls setting up from afar.

I live in a car every day, my job, and I see dangerous intersection runners on average, 3 per week.

It’s a powerful skill, that one straight forward road test LCR scan.

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