Today I want you to drive to a variety of places you know. So what places are you familiar with?

I like to go to Costco downtown at Expo.

I also know North Vancouver across both bridges.

And to Costco in Burnaby near Willingdon.

So let’s go there.

I give up complete control and let all the decision-making fall to the new driver.

For an instructor remaining silent can be difficult.

I suggest leaving everything in the driver’s hands.

Let things go as far as you can without interfering.

Be careful NOT to distract the driver and make sure conversations remain light and only during long straight sections and never in decision-making sequences.

Leave the driver with an entire 90-minutes to get used to making all the moves and all the decisions without defaulting to you.

There may be incidents where the driver, out of habit, asks for you to help or help make a decision.

If you can DO NOT ANSWER. Remain silent and give them the space to resolve it themselves.

You may be surprised that they are able to do it alone.

Free Drive. Free of Your Instruction. Free of Your Interference.

Give the power to the new driver.

Free Drive


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