Core beliefs start at birth and get stronger as we age. Rarely do we change these cores. I call them habits-of- our-thinking. For many, we never question these core beliefs. We allow them to rule.

But under stress, while driving, like on an exam, these core beliefs may kick in and overrule what your eyes see or what your ears and vision pick up from the test situation, causing you to follow the belief versus take safe and legal action required to pass.

Please turn right at Burrard St. which is about 3 or 4 blocks ahead of us.
The driver doesn’t notice the street name and passes straight across Burrard. Notices it’s Burrard at the last second and says to the examiner “Sorry I missed that, would you like me to turn right at the next road?” Safe decisions should override the instructions.

Driver while doing 50 kph in the far left lane notices its Burrard street and slows down aggressively, changes over three lanes, causing several cars to the rear to blast their horns. The driver stops angled in the far right lane across a solid white lane divider. The driver then turns to the examiner and asks “Did you mean – turn right here?”
I must obey the authority.

Which one will you choose? One is easy and the other is very powerful.


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