A crash at an uncontrolled intersection occurs when a vehicle is driving through that intersection and collides with an approaching […]
driver hilding coffee and cell phone
Distracted driving in B.C. (ICBC) A great skill to learn on your next driving lesson is managing all distractions while […]
Question: I genuinely want to achieve a calm level of driving. What would you suggest is a concrete step towards this […]
We BLUE CAR were changing lanes. I checked, and checked my rear mirror. The lane beside was clear. I signaled […]
This habit is critical. Every day when you drive, you must toot your horn to build that brain-body connection. In […]
I love it when I go for a spin with a group of friends and one of them drives. Occasionally […]
The horn is right there in the middle of your steering wheel.Moving your thumb a little activates the horn.Examiners require […]

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