big red panic button

Panic takes complete control.

Panic is lightning fast.

Panic can detect danger in the blink of an eye.

Panic erases all short-term memory.

Panic has only one objective – ESCAPE NOW!

Abandon all thinking.

Abandon all calm.

Abandon everything.

Go as fast as possible in ANY DIRECTION away from the impending danger.

Hit every possible control device with all available body parts immediately.

The center of the universe is the perceived danger, so run from this center in any direction.

No matter what logic, wisdom or truth exists, drop everything!



Many Clients Bring Their Friend With Them When Learning To Drive

Many Clients Bring Their Friend ‘Panic’ With Them When Learning To Drive

Working closely over the last several years with this special population has introduced me to a friend called panic. I have described what I see each time panic shows up. I have no right to talk about panic nor invade the experience a client goes through in these moments of panic, but I believe it’s essential to describe what I see as best as possible.

Together we both work hard to describe each side of the panic. We work hard to come up with an alternative.

Panic is not fun at all. Panic has no place in the world of learning to drive. However, panic is a warning system designed to protect you in times of trouble.

Come learn about your friend called panic.

Come learn how others have made panic their friend.

Come learn to drive and manage your panic.


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