How we drive comes from a wide variety of different needs and motivations. Compare two differences here.





Rush Hour

A typical day of a busy family rushing through the schedule of education, work, sports, shopping, family and more. I call this the A-to-B-Driving where time and money are the key motivators in one’s day. Transportation is time-consuming therefore reducing this becomes a priority, the fastest route home, and avoiding rush hours. Thoughtful time planning balancing expenditures and income.

But I do not have this A to B push for time-efficient fastest path movement as a driving instructor. Why? Because I am paid to tour around with a new driver. There is no A to B pressure. Anywhere we drive is ok. Relaxed and easy-going. In our theory classes, we label this rushing A to B driving as wrong, a danger, and something to avoid as much as possible. Tiss the luxury of theory, but in real life, many are routinely in a hurry. My last job as an instructor was a constant mad rush from class to class. High stress for being late with verbal punishment from the owners and upset clients. Get-there-on-time-at-all-costs trumped safety every day.

I quit. No more A-to-B-Driving. Now I relax and enjoy my clients, my job and my safe relaxed driving. Lucky me.





Driving Instructors

Hence the two worlds collide and the A & B drivers see us, Relaxed Drivers, as slow, irritating and horn targets!

So with all my knowledge about driving laws, road tests and the general public driving to rush A to B, what right do I have to judge or criticize your driving? Yet I hear the safety industry doing this every day, without realizing the profound differences here.

This conflict is everywhere.

  • School buses versus A to B rush.
  • Senior retirees versus A to B rush.
  • Quite home residence versus A to B rush hour taking a shortcut through my quiet side street.

Motivation has a huge impact on how we drive. Realize this and be very careful which motivation you choose when you get into a car. More so realize the motivation you are teaching your family as they sit quietly in the back seat watching you for the first twenty years of their lives.


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