Valuable Strategy to Avoid Trouble While Driving

Three problems appear at the same time in the same space on your way to work: narrow roadway + fella unloading his car standing in the street side + bike rider coming towards us.

Split the problems apart so you can deal with them one at a time.

narrow roadway

slow down and dump all your speed choosing closer to 0 km/h versus 15 km/h giving time for the biker to pass the man unloading

fella unloading his car standing in the street side

toot your horn, a friendly toot, 6 or more car lengths away to get the man’s attention looking for his eyes to connect with you as you approach

bike rider coming towards us

Again slow down a long way back from the man unloading and position your car more to the right with your eyes looking at the biker’s eyes, opening up space encouraging the biker to take the space. Give the other driver a place to go.

Separate the problems.


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