Many drivers and educators refuse to discuss crash rates, injury or death related to driving. However, I believe an awareness […]
Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics: 2020 Previous posts have talked about crashes across Canada and referenced specific crash data […]
This is the most popular question I hear during my Vancouver Driving Lessons. Transport Canada has published the fatal and […]
“Spotting trouble, congestion, car door opening, or people standing beside their vehicle in your lane is a tight situation. Drivers should immediately […]
My bigger car is safer, which is why I work out of this larger car. Safety for my clients and […]
COME SEE THE AUG 4 2022 SIDE CRASH TEST Cooper, why do you work out of a vehicle that is […]
While most training centers work hard to train you at the lowest possible costs to maximize their profits, I do […]
Many, if not the majority of new Canadians, teach me their vigilant search for crossing red traffic at intersections on […]
Whiplash – Rear Enders – The Connection? Good Quality Seats – Head Rests Moves Body and Head Forward Together […]
Look at this photo. How many drivers are tailgating? How many drivers are not tailgating? I count 10 tailgating. What […]
Paying attention to all other cars, pedestrians, and bikes is the topmost focus when driving. THEM Paying attention to your […]
2 cars collision head on
Over a period of four months, I learned to drive. Then I passed the driving test and bought a car. […]
Recently I borrowed a bike helmet from a very experienced motorbike rider. He offered me two options, and the words […]
Stopping a driver from moving my car into danger occurs dozens of times a week when teaching. But having a […]
Positioning – keeping your car in the middle of your lane when moving straight, to the left when setting up […]

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