“I got training and passed both the Class 7 ‘L’ test and the Class 5 “N” test but still, I […]
Additionally, there is one more reason why many clients do not achieve nor strive for my awareness level. It’s because […]
Temperatures in the summer months can explode inside a car within minutes causing serious injury and death to infants. Do […]
What do you do when… You Hear A Siren?See a flashing yellow light vehicle?See a blue flashing Lights?See Hazard Lights?See […]
Another Bad Year New For Walkers: Deaths Highest In 40 Years U.S. Traffic Deaths Reach 16-Year High 42,915 people died […]
What do you do when… You Hear A Siren?See a flashing yellow light vehicle?See a blue flashing Lights?See Hazard Lights?See […]
Many drivers and educators refuse to discuss crash rates, injury or death related to driving. However, I believe an awareness […]
“I Hate Driving.” “The guy behind me is very angry at us.” “My space awareness is terrible. I can never […]
Parking Brake Bumps PRNDL Restart the Restart the Restart Parking Brake – Driving away with the parking brake on can […]
“Ying and Yang teaches immediate scanning of the areas opposite to the hazard. Hazard to the right you clear out […]
Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics: 2020 Previous posts have talked about crashes across Canada and referenced specific crash data […]
An alternate opinion on the most famous EV in the world.
Failed My Driving Test. What Do These Notes Mean? A few years back, I moved from Ontario to Vancouver. I […]
Guidance with rental cars to manage a different car. Comfort with their own car, a new car or EV – […]
My observation of sitting beside a driver experiencing a panic attack or a sudden rush of anxiety is nothing compared […]

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