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“I got training and passed both the Class 7 ‘L’ test and the Class 5 “N” test but still, I am not comfortable and relaxed with my driving. It may have something to do with never owning my own car, or maybe it’s the smaller town I learned in compared to busy Vancouver traffic.”

I am not comfortable and relaxed with my driving.”

More and more clients are coming to me with this comment. I just completed a ninety-minute drive with a new to Vancouver arrival, and these are the words they said at the end of the ninety minutes.

“Yes, your talk about my strong skills being so powerful that it often causes me to ignore foundational skills. I’ve never heard any of my previous instructors talk like this. Your terminology is also very interesting. And I agree with your top-level view of my driving. I think you have articulated my struggle precisely and provided insight into a possible path to resolve my concerns and get me to that calm driving goal I dream of.”

I guess tons of training to become a road safety trainer makes a difference compared to 3+ weeks to be a driving instructor.


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