Sorry but I don’t really understand is change? What was the original rule that got changed?

Part of this Driving Game is the ever-present confusion that I call Programmed Confusion, which we can find every day we drive. The system errors or confusion that is part of the overall driving task we must deal with.

Here is another great example of Programmed Confusion.

And what about our decade-long habits entrenched into the neuropathways in our brains? Oh well, that doesn’t matter does it! And the great thing about data and statistics is that you can just about argue any point of view with enough carefully selected data! I am shocked!

The line that really got my attention here is “bring New Zealand in line with other countries.” Who else is changing the core foundational rules we all have lived by for the major parts of our lives? And who is driving these changes? Did you vote for these changes?

And all change is good, right! Oh really! What about change that doesn’t change anything? What about change that makes things worse? What about the other effects these changes have on the complex systems we are meddling with? Like our brains, vision and habits? Oh well, when it’s a government and evidence-based, then it must be correct! Just blindly accept and follow the authority! Period!

That sounds fishy to me!

Why is it that all of a sudden these big inefficient governments, whom we all know blow money mindlessly, and are chronically unorganized and inefficient – why are they making these systemic changes? And whos paying the price? All driven by research coming from, huge internationally funded organizations? Sold locally as if the local authorities came up with these great new changes when they simply copied the entire change from these large international ‘evidence-based’ organizations?

That sounds fishy to me!

You can read the entire article here…

Calls for caution as give-way rules change

12:17, Mar 25 2012

No intersection crashes have been reported in the North Island yet as a result of the new give-way rules, a police spokesman said.

As of 5 am today right-turning traffic has to yield to oncoming left-turning traffic at intersections – a reverse of the give-way rules that have been in place for 35 years.

The new give-way rules introduced today bring New Zealand in line with other countries and are designed to make intersections safer.

Think: If you’re turning right, give way. At uncontrolled T-intersections all traffic from a terminating road (bottom of the T) must give way to all traffic on a continuing road (top of the T). Think: Top of the T goes before me.


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