parking on white line fail
Over the past few weeks, my clients have been passing passing passing even when they park poorly at the end […]
Experienced drivers from many other countries come to Vancouver and must pass a second-level Class 5 (N) driving test. Many […]
Distances are important for a driver’s test. Very important. Stopping in traffic behind a stopped car in traffic. Must not […]
Distances are important for a driver’s test. Very important. How far away from a stop line should you stop? The […]
What is the connection? Distances are important for a driver’s test. Very important. Part of a Parallel Park includes revering […]
Positioning – keeping your car in the middle of your lane when moving straight, to the left when setting up […]
Sometimes the solution to confusion during a driving move, like a lane change, is not easy to find. One approach […]
stay in your lane, on waiting positions on green lights keep the wheels straight! center of lane to go straight, […]
legal lane choices and lane positioning lane restrictions permissions must be obeyed including line markings centre of the lane, right […]
1. You cannot see beside the car. Shoulder check or blind spot check. Every time you move laterally a meter […]
The first examiner was silent and grumpy. I think he was having a bad day. It was so distracting throughout […]
Often drivers who struggle to pass a test or struggle to get comfortable with driving are trying to manage all […]
It took a while but finally, they started doing blind spot checks on the right turns. One check as you […]

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